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Today In the present many people will select fake cartier love ringwhite gold in Fashion industry
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TOPIC: Today In the present many people will select fake cartier love ringwhite gold in Fashion industry

Today In the present many people will select fake cartier love ringwhite gold in Fashion industry 4 days, 17 hours ago #390273

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History of the most female models jade bracelet knowledge introduction
Most of our common jade bracelet round body, in the past a lot of women like to wear in pairs, more common in the form of a cylinder, these jade bracelets are also used to call 'Yuhuan.' Sui and Tang dynasties to the Song Dynasty, women decorated the arm with jade bracelets has been very common, also known as jade arm. Early Tang painter Yan Libin's 'Step by step map', Zhou fat 'lady flower ladies figure', all clearly depicts the woman's image of the bracelet jade arm. Seen in this light, wearing a jade arm is not limited to court aristocracy, civilians are also very keen on this. Among Buddhist murals and paintings, the phenomenon of wearing jade bracelets often appears on images of ladies, flying gods, and bodhisattvas, reflecting the prevailing fashion of women wearing jade bracelets in the Tang Dynasty. Jade bracelets from ancient times until now, most of the evolved into the shape of the main circle, there are some oval and circular cylinder, especially the circular jadeite bracelet, is one of the most popular style, the main Is the classical effect of its round shape, reflecting the classical beauty of Chinese women. In China, people think that emerald jade can guarantee peace and protect themselves from disasters, and wearing their favorite jade bracelets can be expected. Even when some people wear bracelets to break it up, it can send your message and hope to heaven to make your hopes come true. Especially the older moms, have their own favorite jade bracelets is a lifelong desire for ignorance. Today's jade bracelets not only as a surface decoration, but also a luxury performance, but also a spiritual sustenance Oriental women are beauty of women, wearing elegant jade bracelets with elegant colors to show their proud and confident skin, emerald The color of the bracelet is great. When the emerald bracelet and graceful body clever combination of time, emerald bracelet undoubtedly play a 'finishing touch' clever role is the natural beauty and beauty of the human body, the highest level of soft, seemingly reflects the perfect combination of man and nature, in fact, is a woman Implicit temperament of the show. When the emerald bracelet water kind enough to clear, the color is more gorgeous when the elegance and gentle will add dignified and noble, has been to maximize the status of women to enhance the status of jade bracelet design are generally auspicious, love , Blessing as the theme; wear it, people believe that can be auspicious, safe, eternal, happy, rich and promising, auspicious, distress and other moral, but also make the rich and colorful Chinese culture more colorful . In addition, jade bracelets often symbolize unity, harmony, elegance and gentleness of women. Until today, the story has been circulated, bracelets to protect their wearer from harm, the bracelet can address a variety of negative effects and bring benefits to its wearer inner circle oblate, oblate outer ring, the bar from the bow Round to the range. Beauty bracelets win in Johnson smart, but not expensive, so generally do not have too good color, probably planted in waxy below, the color is not full, to touch the green or floating flowers or a touch of red (a wipe better) is better . A lot of one-handed with a pair of hands, the ring at the beginning of the Department of Jingle Bells. Unfortunately, this form of bracelet is also cartier rings copy for women rare This does not refer to the concept of carving a pair of mandarin ducks on the bracelet (that belongs to the bracelet), but refers to the pair of bracelets. We will say a lot of similar bracelets, even if it is right? No, here paired means two pieces of material coming out of a jade carcass, or the color lines are very similar, or the color pieces are exactly complementary (eg one is full-green and one full-green) or the color Just the two extremes (a Fei a Tsui, or a yin and yang, that is, greenish blue and greenish yellow); and so on, so skillfully made a pair of bracelets. This bracelet can go to work or not to work, what kind of design is not rigidly adhered to, because it is a unique product, but it is almost impossible to identify a jade fetus, so encounter such jade material, Both are prestigious craftsmen do the job, one for insurance, and secondly to borrow workers to prove that it is not false on the shiny surface and fluorescence, flat because of wide, glossy, and flat because the arc on both sides, The bottom of the flat, large arc, so the fluorescence will be concentrated in the entire mapping bracelet, and because of wide and thin, kind of head shows more perfect, and the circular because of the narrow, smooth smaller, because the arc in the most and most Under the arc is small, so the fluorescence of the mapping surface is also much smaller, of course, the head will also express weakness Perfection on the design, the open flat though a few pieces, but not only the most comfortable wearing effect, and the most beautiful The perfect appearance of the performance, but also can have a perfect thick billet tailings and more likely to ring more Central (this fact, in fact, for the professional bracelet will not be considered the focus or basic will not consider) and so , The gradual popularity of flat bracelets and round bracelets to gradually withdraw from the market is an improvement, but not as the legendary, in order to save material and design of the round bar completely do not get rid of the hand, because it is raised round bone will be In the hands of the roll, the flat stick, the basic as long as the hand, wearing very comfortable, now the women are different from the ancient, without leaving home without doing anything, now are computers, driving, writing, housework Dry, hand and not wearing the hand wearing a comfortable effect, far worse. For example, when sleeping, the bracelet rolled to the top of the arm, the circular bracelet will be a little slightly to the ache, flat bar will not, how to apply the hand tight, will not slightly to 2. According to the shape of the jade bracelet and its processing after the horizontal Section shape, can be divided into the following bars: Round sliver, is the most common kind. Flat sliver, because of the flat shape, wear your hand, comfortable. However, because of its more materials, so the price is more expensive than round bars. This shape is increasingly welcomed by contemporary women for their convenience in work and housework. The garden-style inverted into a rare, difficult to find in the market. As for the polygon sliver is relatively rare 3. cartier rose gold knock off ring According to the jade bracelet surface pattern points: bare body without pattern is more common, but also the most common. Slub pattern that is carved into a section knock off how much is a cartier ring of a section like 'bamboo' pattern, very special, meaning 'steadily high', very auspicious taste. Spiral surface that is carved into a spiral pattern, through the body separated from each stock clearance mens replica cartier love ring activities, there are only spiral-shaped stocks can not move without gaps, the northerners call it 'twist. Carved, and more due to the jade Raw materials are cotton 绺 or impurities to form flaws, carved can remove these defects.
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