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now many people will select cheap cartier love banglerose gold in the Fashion world
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TOPIC: now many people will select cheap cartier love banglerose gold in the Fashion world

now many people will select cheap cartier love banglerose gold in the Fashion world 2 weeks, 2 days ago #390204

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Millions of bracelets fly it?
There is such a relatively small platform for the operator, the operation of the past three years, has now on-line Jiangxi Bank depository system, and has received 14 million yuan of Pre A round of financing, the sound of the background is not bad look, the January mark yield Up to 11%, in the venture capital department is his and hers love bracelets replica considered a higher income, the current platform registered users more than 40,000 people, while the total investment fake love bracelet screw of nearly 1 billion yuan. This platform is the first network network that knows this platform, because his family out of the book, and then I talk a lot of private talk about me, and later found that more or less around his partner was chatted about his furniture, So this platform gave me the first impression is over-marketing, over-packaged later privately listening to friends also said that this platform does engage in gimmicks, will play with feelings, the story of a set. Detectives think the platform will not tell the story of the packaging package is not necessarily a bad thing, after all, grass-roots platform fight background, can only rely on other aspects of hard work. But too much nonsense to talk nonsense, today is mainly by simple evaluation of this platform, and talk about the jewelery business what is the best network of network chief brand officer Xu Xuecheng himself also said that Beijing Capital is a not-so-familiar Of the institutions, so network investment network actually did not get too high because of access to venture capital, but better than nothing, be regarded as additional points can be seen from the ownership structure, Wang Yao as the platform founder and CEO, is also the largest shareholder, shares 43.5%;
Thunder Tiger shares 9% as a co-founder;
Although it is not clear who Cai Shuhua and Wu Jinhua, the detective (if9110) found that the platform claimed no change in shareholding structure after the venture capital was claimed. The shareholders of the company in 2014 annual report are these four individuals. The company in February 2016 And the fine-tuning of the shareholding ratio of shareholders in April 2017, but did not find any changes associated with venture capital firms so there are investors and the detective said he may be a fake venture capitalist, if you know the inside story You can simply say that the product is more abundant
Consumer Financial Products: The products with the cooperation of silver public investment and hippo staging, the single amount is relatively low, not more than 10,000 yuan (mostly below 5,000 yuan), most of which are between 18 months and the yield is more objective, Probably between 11% and 14.6% This kind of business is in fact similar to the love credit of Golden Food, cooperating with third-party companies, and asset providers are in charge. If you do not appear a large area of ​​credit fraud occurred, the risk is still low. And more in line with the regulatory requirements. However, such business may still occur overdue rate of bad debt ratio is too high lead to the partners can not be honored Car staging products: with Hunan Feng Xi Investment Management Co., Ltd., Guangdong Knowledge Photo Jin Yue Financial Leasing Center to cooperate, Ten thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. (Not introduced, you can self-examination)
Agricultural loans products: Ningxia Yuquan Microfinance Co., Ltd. to cooperate, mainly to do peasant-type loan business, the amount of more than 200,000 yuan. (Not much introduction)
Fang Yi loans products: and Dongguan City, Longsheng Financial Guarantee Co., Ltd. for cooperation, the amount of hundreds of thousands to tens of millions. (Not much introduction)
Write here to estimate that many investors want to scold me. You do not introduce much, then you want to introduce something. Detectives are also wronged ah, because these projects are cooperation with other agencies, the risk is that the institutional side in the end there is no ability to advance, it is difficult to judge it, but you do not worry, let's take a look at the map below For the network investment network operating data in April report, the figure shows that although the love bracelet screw replica platform is more abundant product categories, but for the amount of receivables, jewelry loans to receive more than 70 million yuan, accounting for 47.11%, nearly half of the total collection It's Therefore, the article focuses on the analysis of jewelery loan products. After detective calculations, the first jewelery loan issued in July 2015 has so far reached a total of 463.5 million yuan on the platform. All the subject matter, all by the 'Yunnan Finance Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd.' guarantee. Most of the loan description is this:
Mr. X, a borrower, is an XX man whose family is engaged in jewelry and jade processing trade for many years. Mr. Ma engaged in jewelry replica the love bracelet by cartier marketing for nearly X years and established a jewelry company in XX with a registered capital of RMB XXX million. The company has two operating venues, one of which is located in XX; the other is located in the most prosperous tourism and shopping district in Yunnan Province, Located in Kunming Nanping Street, Kunming Department Store jewelry stores, verified monthly average sales of about XXX million loan companies annual sales of about XXX million, the industry higher profit margins stronger ability to repay by Yunnan intermediation security company in the handling After appraisal (issued by appraisal report issued by the jury), and the formalities of depositing (deposited in RongTong Jewelry Store), the relevant appraisal (the appraisal report issued by the national jewelery appraisal center) is recommended. Rongtong guarantee company issued an irrevocable letter of guarantee, to provide investors with principal and interest security model is very simple, the loan of jewelery products, most of them are 'Kunming, Yunnan Department Store Jewelry Store,' the business.
regarding cartier ring plating gold nail copy Newest fad Adm

About cartier necklace pink gold nail knockoff up to the minute fashion press introduce give

In the modern More people Will be select imitation cartier love pendantwith diamonds in the Luxury Brand industry

now Fashion people would select imitation cartier love braceletyellow gold in the Fashion

Today In the present people Will be select replica cartier leve ringgold at this Fashion
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