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In the modern many people Will be choose imitation cartier leve braceletyellow gold at this Fashion world
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TOPIC: In the modern many people Will be choose imitation cartier leve braceletyellow gold at this Fashion world

In the modern many people Will be choose imitation cartier leve braceletyellow gold at this Fashion world 3 days, 14 hours ago #390360

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Lodge Heroes open 85 Nightmare queen charm struck
Vendor special offer, the following does not represent Netease remarks
'Lodge Heroes' Nightmare Queen tomorrow (December 17) Charm, sexy BOSS, enchanting upgrade, play a lot! At the same time, this updated game character level cap has also been raised to 85, will also open the bracelet system simultaneously, the character battle attributes improved, a broader battleground is waiting for everyone to open up! Nightmare on the occasion of the Queen on the occasion will also usher in Christmas, Kukhan village on-line new snow scenes, snow, especially warm! And there are a series of celebrations to greet the Queen, for everyone to send generous gifts! Mall will also be on-line a lot of new products, wonderful not to be missed!
Nightmare queen is the evolutionary product of the banshee, inherited the Banshee BOSS sexy feminine style, at the same time add to the fake cartier ring band flavor of mature women. However, the way in the move is even more fierce and vicious, do not give the challenger left room for survival. And at the end of the battle, the character enters the Queen's harem and feels like a unique Queen of the Nightmare plot, and the challenger needs to enter the correct QTE three times to break the penalty for the Queen of the Nightmares.
Level upgrade to 85 open bracelet system
In order to enable players to play the Queen of the Nightmare, more handy. The Rocky Heroes cap will also be raised to level 85, and a bracelet system that boosts its magical, physical attacks, defense and health levels is on. The bracelet itself does not have any attribute to need inlaid gem to get the attribute. There is only one way to get the current gem, that is, BOSS Nightmare queen fall. Nightmare Queen will drop the key pieces of jewel box, with 3 fragments can be exchanged in the NPC Elle a gem box, open the box can be random access to gems.
Queen Welfare wonderful event send Gifts
In response to the arrival of the Queen men cartier imitation ring of the Nightmare at the same time, 'Rocky Heroes Biography' will also be synchronized on-line activities, bring rich gifts!
Activity 1: sign to win a good gift, send a good gift to send a week
December 17 to December 24, log in to the game daily sign, you can get the appropriate game props incentives, a total of 7 times. Reward includes: CVIP (3 days), team effects life syrup x5, heraldry bag: the third anniversary of the goddess of navigation stone x5, the third anniversary crown gift box, 333AP capsules, strengthen the protection of stone.
Activity two: conquer the nightmare queen, enchant box hug home
December 17 (after maintenance) to January 14 (before maintenance), during the event, defeating Queen of the Nightmare will be able to get an additional cartier love ring wedding band copy 'Queen of the Nightmare Enchantment Bag' is a gift box with a variety of enchanting scrolls Oh!
Activity three: Toward level 85, move forward
December 17 to December 31, the server reaches the first 85 players, get real reward - Loo shoulder bag and Lohne theme mouse pad each one.
Activity Four: Complete the Christmas campaign, to win the dye pharmaceuticals
December 17 (after maintenance) January 14 (Pre-maintenance) During the event, scenes in the scene of the dismantling can be randomly obtained 'hidden Christmas gift box', open to get all kinds of stained medicine / fashion dyeing medicine.
Activity five: Ying bracelet system, free delivery of gems
December 17, the player level in the 70 and above 80 below, you can receive the following awards NPC NPC. Includes: Mysterious Bangles Decorative Boxes x3, Nightmare Queen's Bangles Box With Gems x10.
December 17 (after maintenance) January 7 (before maintenance), buy the goddess of war during the sales period Change the makeup box, there is a certain chance how much are cartier love imitation rings to get bronze fragments gift voucher to collect a certain amount can be exchanged Premium enchanting protection stone, rare fashion Dyeing agents, rare Claudia stained Pharmacy (designated color) gift box.
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