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nowadays many people will select faux cartier love necklacerose gold in Luxury Brand industry
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TOPIC: nowadays many people will select faux cartier love necklacerose gold in Luxury Brand industry

nowadays many people will select faux cartier love necklacerose gold in Luxury Brand industry 2 weeks, 2 days ago #390202

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Crazy stone and rogue legend
July 14, Kunming Stone Fair, a piece of Huanglong jade seeds marked a staggering high price - more than 90 million This is what kind of stone? love bracelet screwdriver fake Mohs hardness of 6.5 7, and Jade quite, slightly higher than the Hetian jade. From a time point of view, Hetian jade was 'born' for more than 7000 years. Emerald 'was born' for more than 300 years. It took only 6 years and just 6 years, and it soared from a few cents to over 10,000 yuan. Every 3 months, traders who have sold jade will be wry and willing to spend several times to buy it back. It took 6 years to set a miracle in the history of China's jade prices from the Beijing love home collection market exhibition hall to Long Valley County, Yunnan Supahe Valley, from the recent 30 years of rising new rich to the scorching sun to dig Jade, a stealthy wealth rivers surged in the meantime, people on both sides of each take what they need. In the meantime, there are countless ups and downs of the story of the overnight fortune, and occasionally there will be a few unfortunate stories interspersed. July 15, noon. Squatting on a large rock beside the paddy field, Li Er stared at the worker's hoe, his eyes moving at a constant motion. Within a matter of minutes, like the workers, sweat dribbling yellowish black sand from his dark forehead slightly flashed yellow, and Lee immediately rushed over. After washing the stone with water, he shook his head and wrote a disappointment on the faces of all present-day people. This is a mountain valley in Xiangda Village, Longling County, Yunnan. The Supa River flows slowly through the Supa River in the middle Crossing the Longling County of Yunnan Province from north to south and then into the Nu River. During the Second World War, this large river blocked the Japanese attack on the southwestern China. In 1944, as the forefront of the Chinese theater of World War II, there was also a fierce battle of Matsuyama. Now, looking for the yellow stone of the Supa River washed down from the nearby Little Montenegro, it becomes the new battlefield to dig the jade man. At the moment, Li Er has a 'fight' in front of him - a few tons of heavy stone a week ago Blocked his treasure hunt path. Diesel driven pneumatic drill, day by day, a little bit of dismembered into a large rock can move small stones. Baby is hiding in the most difficult place, which is the most commonly heard stories on both sides of the Supa River in the mining industry, people believe in 'fate.' Countless stories tell you that you dug six months nothing, others came and then dig, the first spade became a millionaire. It is such a rumor that digging jade who can not stop, can not give up any one may produce jade Li Er already have other people difficult to match the 'jade edge.' He is a villager in Xiangda. When the last round of land contract, because it is a small alien outside the village, he was assigned to a close to the Sup Valley, no one likes the field. In 2009, Li Erhui, a migrant worker who worked at a Chongqing subway construction site during the Chinese New Year, suddenly found this piece of land a piece of treasure. Someone is willing to pay 100,000 yuan to buy this paddy field. Lee did not sell, dig their own In August 2009, the first three months after the start of construction, he dug a piece of high quality Huanglong Yu, sold so far he received the largest sum of money - 128,000. In fact, he did not know much about the market at the time. This piece of jade was sold for 370,000 yuan after it was handed down. Today, at least 800,000 yuan can be sold. Heavy hundred dollar bills woke up Li Er, he sold his paddy field 'bad 1/4' high price, and then spend 300000 yuan to buy his more optimistic about another 5 acres of floodplain On both sides of the Supa River, this is the standard choice for many villagers. The price of these lands is sky-high when compared with the several hundred dollars obtained from the old varieties of rice. Li Er said that a better paddy field relying on the direction of the mountain and water flow can be sold and sold according to the standard of 3.3 meters and each of the 18,000 yuan is under the scorching sun. copy love bracelet screwdriver It has been a week since the last jade. According to the agreement, Li Er and these sweaty boys four or six points. Among the blue tents on both banks of the Supa River, this is the most extensive and most exciting way of stimulating cartier eternity bracelet labor enthusiasm: it can not be dug up, and the income of the local migrant workers is 20 yuan a day, at most giving up the effort. Dug, then it is possible to divide into a big change in existing life Twilight, the good news came from a blue tent across the river. The owner of the tent is a pair of father and son, they dug a weight of several hundred pounds, the quality of the Huanglong jade. When a piece of stone was barely revealed, Li Er arrived at the scene and decided to buy it for 20,000 yuan. This is a common situation on both sides of the Supa River. Stones have not yet been fully excavated. They can also be traded. Purchased part of the gambling unearthed part continues to be good, sell people gamble this stone is generally within half an hour, with the exposed part of the increase, Li Er's price increased to 40,000, but the other party has not Open. Li Er returned to his tent, lying on the bed without saying anything. He was nervously calculating whether to continue raising the price to buy the stone. If Li Li bought the stone, as usual, the piece of jade will reach the official shop in the Jingdezhen within three days. Li Er's real name is Li Enping. Li Feihong, his friend and jade broker, only knew him as 'Li Er', but this did not prevent him from transferring the stone of Li Er to Dehong's official Huang Deyu, famous. He originally worked for insurance companies and resigned in 2006 to deal in Huanglongyu. Mention their own great-grandfather Tengchong jade celebrity 'Official Siu Yu,' one of his favorite telling others is that the elderly dug for 50 years did not dig a good thing, when the old pedestrian to the river pee, actually washed out About a baby around 2000, a Hezhou in Guangxi Longzhou Xiu power station. At the end of the Supa River, he discovered exactly the same stone that was marketed on the market in Hezhou, Guangxi. Huang stone is a kind of ornamental stone, after the main origin Hezhou in Guangxi, Chaozhou and other places in Guangdong. The man bought a car of 'yellow wax stone' for a few cents a kilo, and shipped it to Hezhou, posing as locally-produced beryl stone. A few years later, in the dark operation of some traders, the original production of yellow wax stone Hezhou and other places began to 'quietly' return to Longling, Huanglong posing as a turning point for sale from 2004 onwards, Yunnan Province, the Association of Ornamental Stone Longding County produced this stone named 'Huanglong jade.' Which 'yellow' for the color, 'Dragon' for the birthplace of Longling, 'jade' that is beautiful stone what jade? Beautiful stone is jade. More than jade craftsman confirmed that the stone produced by Longling is similar in composition to the yellow wax stone, but its top grade is more sophisticated and comparable in quality to Hetian jade, jadeite, and Tianhuang precious stones. In addition, the color of the stone is mostly yellow and red in color, in line with China's color aesthetic, to fill the jade China did not have before the new color. Some of Longling's jewelers said, 'Huanglong jade is the best jade ever found after Hetian jade and Burma emerald in Xinjiang.' In 2006, the official price of 30 yuan bought a long, Up to three jins of 'jade yellow wax stone' to find jade processing point, produced a few 'big jade jade bracelets.' The first pair of bracelets was sold to a friend for 200 yuan. Other bracelets, two years later sold a pair of 6,000 yuan, 'on today, you can sell 100000 yuan' official said, from these few cartier new love bracelet replica Huanglong jade bracelets started, he can earn a profit in the past few years To the wages. ' Last year, he 'closed more than 10 million yuan of goods' implies an era background. Similar to the Longling Ruili, Tengchong and other places, Myanmar emerald has long been a large market into China's processing, transit. The current jewelry market, the price of hundreds of thousands, millions of jade bracelets have been very common. Behind them, jade raw materials 'skyrocketed thousands of times over the past 10 years.' Emerald processing technology has spread to every tourist attraction in Yunnan, some under-funded jewelry traders began looking for other jade, to continue their business.
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