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nowadays A lot of people Will be choose replica cartier leve ringyellow gold on Fashion aspects
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TOPIC: nowadays A lot of people Will be choose replica cartier leve ringyellow gold on Fashion aspects

nowadays A lot of people Will be choose replica cartier leve ringyellow gold on Fashion aspects 3 days, 22 hours ago #390345

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Song Meiling emerald complex
In China 8000 years of jade culture, jade only a few hundred years of history, and jade this or red or green or purple or white jade cartier love series once appeared, jade culture in the champion, gained people's love, and With 'King of jade,' 'King Jade' reputation. From heroes and daughters in the Qing Dynasty to ladies and daughters in the Republic of China, there are so many celebrities in the history of China who love jadeite. Among these, the most famous one is the wife of the late Empress Dowager Cixi, and the other is Mrs. Soong Mei-ling of Chiang Kai-shek. Soong Mei-ling is the pioneer of lead emerald fashion since the Empress Dowager Cixi in the 20th century. She has collected many emeralds throughout her life, most notably the emerald twist bracelets she often wears. It is said that in the mid 1930s, Beijing's emerald king Tiebao decided to buy a piece of jadeite. The color fake white gold cartier love bracelet of the emerald was excellent. Although there were some flaws, the craftsman cut and decorated it into a pair of twist bracelets. Fresh yang, green water drops. Tie Baoding sold the bracelet to Du Yuesheng at a price of 40,000 yuan, and Du Yuesheng gave his wife. Soong Mei-ning saw Mrs. Du wearing the bracelet. At first sight, she loved it. She met Mei-ling copy rose gold cartier love bangle So so obsessed that she had to cut off the emerald twist bracelet
Chen Zhongyuan (1996) has a special description of this period of history in the section entitled 'The Emerald King Tie Baoting is Making Money' in the second edition of Wen Wen Qiu Wen Qiu Chu Qiu Wan Wen Qiu Hua Wen Qiu: 'In the mid 1930s, Pavilion to buy pieces of chui materials, pieces of good quality, the deficiencies are defective, the purchase price is much cheaper.He asked the jade to remove defects, make a pair of twist bracelet.This pair of emerald twist bracelet, not only flawless, and novelty , Green water, dexterous and beautiful, ranking the highest of Cui Bang to 40,000 yuan sold to Shanghai Du Yuesheng.Song Meiling see Mrs. Du Yuesheng Dai pair of Cui Bang is very beautiful, set in white and tender wrist, it is tender and beautiful, They took a look in their own hands and looked .Du Yuesheng lady push the boat, took the opportunity to offer this green cuff.
After a lapse of more than half a century later, the price of emerald has gone up. The price of emerald on the international market soared. This pair of very rare and beautiful emerald bangle bracelets on the international market have now reached an estimated price of 40 million Hong Kong dollars. Soong Mei Ling
In her twilight year, Soong Mei-ling prefers emerald. From the costume of her one-hundredth birthday party in 1997, we can see that Soong Mei-ling's love of Cui is evident. When the combs the traditional bun in black cheongsam once all-powerful generation of famous woman appeared in front of many guests and the media, people were shocked, I saw her wearing a full set of jade jewelry: jade earrings, jade beads, jade bracelets , Emerald ring. Emerald jewelry set is the best choice of bracelet love cartier color and texture, earrings and rings of emerald egg surface is rich and deep color, more stable atmosphere; jade bead beads round jade, a green jadeite bracelet color uniform thick Yan, delicate species transparent. In the full set of emerald dress, although it is centenarians, Soong Mei-ling is still so elegant, generous dedication, 尽显 noble temperament Emerald market can be developed into today, so the Empress Dowager Cixi and Soong Mei-ling two women affect the historical process Played an indelible role, they virtually promote China's jade culture, jade culture in the world added a touch of color in the past.
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