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In modern times many people Will be choose cheap cartier leve banglediamonds in Trendy industry
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TOPIC: In modern times many people Will be choose cheap cartier leve banglediamonds in Trendy industry

In modern times many people Will be choose cheap cartier leve banglediamonds in Trendy industry 3 days, 10 hours ago #390373

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Men randomly cartier 18k gold bracelet copy choose to kill two mothers and girls were executed
Today, according to the 'Order to Execute the Death Penalty' issued by the Supreme People's Court, Jinan Intermediate People's Court was ordered to charge criminals Sun Tao, Jing Guangliang and Fu Bing to the execution ground and execute the death penalty. Intentional Homicide, Robber Sun Tao, M, 35, University Culture, Unemployed, Premeditated Robbery Due to Profound Liability. On the morning of January 8, 2016, Sun Tao carried a single-edged knife to Zhongjian Culture City in Lixia District of Jinan City. At random, he selected a household to first name the gas, return visit, Female, gold bracelet cartier copy age 36 years) at home observation. Subsequently, the fourth knock on the door into Wang Moumou home, Wang Moumou robbery, surrendered Wang Moumou cash 300 yuan and obsidian necklace, jade bracelet. In order to prevent Wang Moumou alarm, Sun Tao took out a single-edged knife stabbed Wang Moumou, Wang Moumou revolt, Sun Tao then knife stabbed Wang Moumou more than ten knives, causing Wang Moumou died on the spot. Wang Moumou's daughter Bai Moumou (victim, 殁 year-old) cry after scared, Sun Tao fear was fake cartier 18k gold bracelet found, but also kill a knife with a knife. Sun Tao fled the scene after a simple clean-up case prosecuted by the prosecution, Jinan Intermediate People's Court held a trial in public court to find out all the facts of a clear crime, the evidence is true and sufficient. Offender Sun Tao illegally possession for the purpose of taking property by means of violence, his behavior constitutes a crime of robbery; Sun Tao fear of robbery robbery revealed, in order to annihilate the deliberate illegal deprivation of life of others, the act also constitutes a crime of intentional homicide. In order to cover up crimes, Sun Tao killed two people and caused two deaths. As a result, the criminal acts are harsh, criminality is cruel, crimes against society are extremely serious, and crimes and consequences are extremely serious. Punishment for crimes and crimes should be punished in accordance with the law. Jinan Intermediate People's Court sentenced Sun Tao to death and deprivation of political rights for life on the basis of the 'Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China', and sentenced him to 10 years' Life, and fined 5,000 yuan intentional murderer Jing Guangliang, male, 62 years old, junior high school culture, farmer. Jing Guang Guang and Zhang Jinghua offenders (co-defendants, has been sentenced) are Shandong Province Linyi County town of Derpin, adjacent to the village. Around 2010, after her husband died, Zhang Jinghua went out to work and live together with his wife and children. In January 2014, Jing Guangliang and Zhang Jinghua came to the village of Zhaocun, Haosheng Town, Zouping County, Shandong Province to lease their houses to run the business of steamed bread, and employed the victim He Moumou (female, 52 years old) to work for them. In the meantime, the two contracted with He Moumou for trivial matters and wondered what to steal money and considered what it was to be a 'funeral star,' causing the business to be unfavorable and bundling, detaining, assaulting He Moumou and asking for intermediary fees, and then premeditating what would kill him . At about 4 pm on April 24, Jing Guangliang and Zhang Jinghua took He Moumou riding together with an electric tricycle for the purpose of pulling things back home. 19 o'clock that day, the two will He Moumou brought about 70 km away from their rental housing in Jiyang County, Shandong Province, a willow tree, with a pre-carried cord close to what neck, to what mechanical death due to suffocation, with diesel What the body burned, after fleeing the scene. At about 3 o'clock on the 29th diamond cartier love bracelet of the same month, Jing Guangliang and Zhang Jinghua were arrested and brought to justice.
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