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nowadays A lot of people Will be select faux cartier leve pendantdiamonds on Fashion
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TOPIC: nowadays A lot of people Will be select faux cartier leve pendantdiamonds on Fashion

nowadays A lot of people Will be select faux cartier leve pendantdiamonds on Fashion 2 weeks, 4 days ago #390113

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The world's fastest desktop 3D printer
'How long does it take to create a personal bespoke bracelet for myself? It takes replica cartier mens necklace only a day, not an hour, in just 8 minutes.' She said the high-speed desktop 3D printer developed by Vital Tektronix will increase print speed To the current industry level of 5 10 times in the global market is highly competitive products, will also speed up the 3D printing technology in the country's popularity and application in the near future to change everyone's life, to achieve 'creative, free Express '5 10 times faster, 3D printing can also' be desirable '
When it comes to 3D printing, we are no stranger to 3D printing techniques, from the printing of daily necessities such as cups and toys to the production of product models or specific parts in industrial production to unimaginable items such as pistols, cars, houses and human organs. The more copy cartier diamond necklace price 'omnipotent,' is constantly aroused everyone's amazement However, most people's understanding of 3D printing, basically stuck in a printer that can print three-dimensional items. In fact, the professional name of 3D printing is 'additive manufacturing', which is based on 3D digital model files, the use of plastic or powdered metal bonding materials, through the layer-by-layer printing technology to build objects as a A revolutionary technology that subverts traditional manufacturing methods, industry insiders typically divide 3D printing into desktop and industrial printing. In recent years, the rapid development of 3D printing market, personal 3D printing market has also been opened, the scope of application of 3D printing has been extended to the consumer products, industrial, medical, education and military industries. According to 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance statistics show that in 2014 the global 3D printing market size of about 50 billion US dollars, and there is still much room for growth, but hinder the application of 3D printing technology there are still many bottlenecks, one of which is speed. 'Based on this industry challenge, Vitertech's European R \u0026 D Center has successfully cartier baby love necklace copy developed the world's first high-speed print chip' Verizon-1 'targeted at 3D printers after three years of research and development, resulting in the use of FFF ) Technology (Fused Deposition Method). 'Dr. Chen Wenjuan said the desktop printer can print at speeds of up to 450 mm / sec, up from the current 40 100 mm / sec mainstream print speed 5 10x IdeaWerk Speed ​​Desktop 3D Printer Prints a bracelet on the spot in just 8 minutes
It is understood that one of the core 3D printing technology is the master version, using the 'VeriSign' master version can be more quickly and accurately handle 3D printing motion and control signals, making high-speed printing possible . For example, Dr. Chen Wenjuan printed on-site bracelets, the average desktop 3D printer takes nearly an hour, but the high-speed 3D printer 维护 Tektronix but only 8 minutes, so that print waiting time drastically reduced to an acceptable range, efficiency and Practicality is greatly enhanced Around the high-speed 3D printer, Vital Tektronix also independently developed high-speed 3D printer software and high-speed printing PLA (biodegradable plastic polylactic acid) printing materials to fill the domestic high-speed 3D printing materials vacancy. In addition, Vet Tektronix also incorporates the world's second-largest collection of 3D models in the printer's suite of software to make it easier for users to design their designs. A 3D designer using industrial printers is experimenting with high speed 3D printers Said: 'In the past, it took days or weeks to create a product model. After having a 3D printer for one night, it can be done in an hour now.'
The picture shows the 'VeriSilicon' high-speed 3D printing chip
People close to the price simple, 3D printing is not far away from home
'3D printing is actually not far away from each of us, every family.'
According to Dr. Chen Wenjuan revealed that the current desktop low-end models of 3D printers only 3 thousand yuan will be able to buy, the price is actually not as we imagine that 'tall.' For home users, the main threshold of use is actually the ability to design with 3D modeling software. However, it is actually not too difficult for Vtech to form a strategic partnership with the Yangtze River Children's Group
'We launched this summer's' Children 3D DreamWorks 'training course, very popular with children, but also in the teaching of professional teachers to explain, the first lesson of their children with 3D modeling software to design a printed Name of the keychain, cup, aircraft model and other works.Therefore, as long as interested, 3D printing is actually very simple and very fun. 'Dr. Chen Wenjuan told reporters that as the most complete industry chain 3D printing integrated service providers, Vitec Tektronix focus on 3D printing technology research and development and application of the world's top ten desktop 3D printing brands, since its establishment has been the popularity and promotion of 3D printing Vitec Tektronix has repeatedly brought 3D printing technology to Primary schools and colleges allow students to get the most creative educational experience in the classroom. Not long ago, Vettike co-founded the 'Future Classroom Development Fund' with the Shenzhen Charity Association and will devote itself to propaganda and public welfare promotion of creator education and support for schools in education innovation and educational facilities. Critical period, 3D printing help 'Made in China'
Compared with the developed countries such as the United States, Japan and Germany, the domestic 3D printing technology started relatively lately. At present, the 3D printing industry is still in its infancy. Although the market size in 2014 doubled from 2013 to 600 million U.S. dollars, The proportion of the world is still relatively small. As a result, most of the printers and consumables produced by Vet Tektronix were sold abroad. It is cartier mens necklace fake understood that VITENTEC products were rated as 'Best 3D Printer of the Year Award' at CES Global Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2014 and one of the two suppliers of Mitsubishi Chemical's 3D printing materials in the world , Coupled with its high cost performance, is very popular overseas. However, Dr. Chen Wenjuan emphasized that the future development of 维示泰克 will still be focused on domestically because 3D printing will usher in the best and most crucial in China in the next 5-10 years The development period.
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