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In the modern More people will choose copy cartier love ringdiamonds at the Trendy industry
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TOPIC: In the modern More people will choose copy cartier love ringdiamonds at the Trendy industry

In the modern More people will choose copy cartier love ringdiamonds at the Trendy industry 2 weeks, 3 days ago #390141

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Fantasy Westward Journey Edition game Raiders
The landlord has tried all four occupations, the main play is to kill the wolf, here simply said under his own feelings: melee Lioness, similar to the same occupation as a soldier, both meat output at the same time, the biggest bright spot is to have Popular control of the upper hand, easy to get started; Datang is similar to the assassin, more flexible than the lioness, more concentrated output capabilities, lack of defense, but it has a high dodge, difficult to get started;
Dragon Palace is similar to the fake cartier gold chain necklace long-range mage, have a certain ability to control the field, the only legal system output, the strongest displacement skills and auxiliary defensive skills, due to the skills of the operation more difficult than other occupations are low (non-directional skills) , PVE or PVP are more suitable novices;
Finally, to the government, the personal feeling when the IC packaging and testing is the most violent output, high crit at the same time more groups BUFF, the operation more difficult, the most occupations in each district is also prefectural 2, pet training. Game battle array of pets can reach four, sub-white blue and purple four in quality, the level of quality mainly affects the pet's own four skills growth and qualification access to the main game inside the lottery, map raid and knock off cartier diamond necklace price a variety of mall exchange, Due to the small quantity of gold-quality pet soul collection channels (God's pocket can not be exchanged) while cultivating gold-quality pets consumes more than 66 rather than 66, it is recommended that non-local players early efforts to cultivate purple pet, the same resources to obtain stronger Fighting power. Pet by function and is divided into physical attack, attack, defense, assisting the four A. attack pet with vampire in the output while playing knock off cartier gold necklace the role of battery life, such as the second day of the packaging and testing presented vampire, PVE prominent , Suitable for a variety of occupations, especially to kill the wolf, it is recommended to raise vampires or cat Ling monkey, vampire life a little more and Huashan points redemption channels, the other two properties a little better with the target pet training Need to develop a reasonable program, the first is the cultivation of qualifications, the role of qualification I will not go into details, here need to be noted is that the early use of 66 culture, because the increase in 66 decreased, the higher the quality of the training effect of the worse, to About 70% and then use the soul to cultivate better, as the qualifications to send prepaid training Dan proposed to keep, to the late Golden Pet. Here to say in particular the next pet scorpion essence, players in addition to poetry poems outside the most accessible golden pet, gang tasks can get the soul (such as sealing test), high output and ability to restore, conscience pet yo
When the beta test pet skills lattice is able to open the gold ingot, to the beta is to increase the refining demon grid, because the refining demon will consume the material pet, it is recommended that you get the following pet purple play four skills together, good luck A 5 6 skill purple pet can use a very long time 3, followed by the new maximum benefits to give Meng Xian Yu how to spend! Each player hopes Xiangyu can spend the best, here are recommended as follows: 10 even the four sections of gem box (the highest value for money), the daily discount package with the weekly featured packs, twisted 60 times the rest to see everyone likes If the iron box keys did not buy 10 keys is not bad. Extra say powerful combination ratio should be much higher than the tour, because taking into account the effect of breaking the defense, as well as unparalleled version of the pet can not be free to add the landlord is so that thousands of yuan to buy five ten consecutive pre-four gems After all, it should be necessary to summon the beast to renew forever
4, since it comes gems to talk about precious stones it. First attach a gem property chart
Fantasy Westward Journey unparalleled version
For my favorite Kill Wolf Proposal ring rub ruby ​​or sun stone, helmet rub ruby ​​or black gems (attack skills are one of the crit attribute, speculation may be to improve crit damage), the weapons of the sun jade red agate are Line, bracelet moon stone, necklace jade agate, shoes, black gems, and finally the belt with clothes, if the emphasis on PVE recommended to play the moon, because the kill wolf can vampire blood to improve the quality of better, PVP at least need a set of light to ensure that they do not Will be directly seconds, law and order to see personal preferences, dodge shoe heap may not be as effective as the effect may not be particularly good, and at least a group of jade, kill the wolf no crit like no fangs beast
Lioness if positioned as a tank, it is recommended that you need to take into account both defense and anti-storms hit, try to improve the quality of blood, the emerald moon sapphire light is essential, the proposed sun ruby ​​helmet, helmets, weapons, weapons sun agate, belt glitter or green Gems, bracelets Sapphire moon stone, necklace onyx, shoes, emeralds. If you want to sacrifice the critically necessary properties of meat, then want to ensure that the output will need some hits, after all, can not have both fish and bear's paw thing
Dragon Palace Gems play almost the same with the Kill Wolf (relics with the sun swap), but you can give up crit damage with the hit, after all, kill the wolf skills to increase crit Well, of course, for entertainment players do not need to hit too high, after all, the monster's Dodge will not be too high
Finally, the official Tang Dynasty, Datang officials gave me the feeling in PVP is the kind of skills to play a set, finished run Xiaolang Hoof. . . Here are suggested to play the following ring ruby ​​or sun stone, helmet rub ruby, solar emerald onyx arms are OK, the bracelet moon stone, necklace agate, mysterious shoes mysterious, clothes, or the moon, to give up crit and double defense, to ensure a certain blood Defense fake cartier love necklace price at the same time heap dodge, with skill dodge with decent survivability of course, this is only a personal opinion Kazakhstan, Datang official gem with the portfolio should be the most, because he is really a supercilious hand, the pursuit of the ultimate output of the players with the sectarian vampire In PVE can also have a particularly strong play
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