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now A lot of people Will be select faux cartier love ringgold at the Fashion aspects
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TOPIC: now A lot of people Will be select faux cartier love ringgold at the Fashion aspects

now A lot of people Will be select faux cartier love ringgold at the Fashion aspects 4 days, 10 hours ago #390369

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No one to write Zhang Xianzhong's name
After the academic report, Prof. Gao Dalun, Sichuan Academy of Cultural Relics and Archeology, Prof. Tian-Gang Li, School of Philosophy, Fudan University, Professor Gao Menghe as a talkative guest discussed and evaluated the significance of archaeological discoveries at the Shenyin site pink gold cartier love bracelet copy in Jiangkou. Director of Center for Underwater Archeology, Institute of Archeology and Cultural Relics, Director of Public Archeology Research Center, Zhang Xianzhong Associate Research Fellow, Liu Zhiyan, Team Leader of Shenyin Site, Jiangkou
First, discover the origin
Zhang Xianzhong, a native of Yan'an in Shaanxi Province, was the leader of the peasant uprising in the late Ming and Ming dynasties with his reputation. Documented, Zhang Xianzhong cunning personality, like killings. In the early days of the uprising, the main method of mobile operations was to start from Shaanxi and finally to the Yangtze River. In 1644, Zhang Xianzhong established the Great Western Political Power in Chengdu. After two years of hardship, he made a strategic shift and encountered a Qing army in Shunqing Prefecture (now Xichong County, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province). It was shot dead by the Qing Army in 2005. Pengshan County, Sichuan Province Minjiang River water diversion project built within the excavation of a wooden sheath, which found seven silver ingots, to crack the mystery of history provides a clue. During the decade of 2005-2015, some relics related to Zhang Xianzhong were found in the same section of the river. In December 2015, the Sichuan Provincial Archeological Institute organized a seminar on the protection and archeology of the Shenyin site at Pengsan. Experts attending the conference agreed that all the evidence so far points to the Shenyin site of Zhang cartier love bracelet no diamonds Xianzhong at the mouth of the Pengshan River. In April 2016, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage approved the archaeological excavation of the Shenyin site of Jiangkou. 2. Workflow: How Archeology Works
Considering the geo-location and environment of the Jiangkou Shen-Yin site, the archaeologists decided to explore the cofferdams. Excavation range through the investigation visit, found over the years combined with geophysical detector detection methods to determine. Through the cofferdam to solve the excavation platform, the underwater archeology into archeology. During the excavation, each piece of watercraft was positioned by RTK. This is the only place where water can be found. At the beginning of the excavation, Jiangkou Shenyin site set up an archeological data management platform. Every day, the excreta will be input to the system for updating. You can see how many excrements are excreted daily and how many artifacts are discharged from each of the excrements. We found a lot of small artifacts such as rings, earrings and hairpins on the ruins. Therefore, we set up a special screening area. We rinse all the excavated soil and sandstone with a high-pressure water gun and screen them again to avoid the loss of cultural relics. For the protection of on-site cultural relics, the archeological team is also adhering to the principle of edge protection while excavation, on-site protection and detection of cultural relics in time. III. Archeological harvest
This year's excavations began on January 5, 2017, ended on April 12, and worked 98 days. The excavation area was 20,000 square meters and the water discharge of more than 30,000 cultural relics
The first category is the cultural relics related to Zhang Xianzhong's Grand Sovereignty, including the golden volumes of the concubines, the gold coins, silver coins, the large Shun Tongbao coins inscribed by Zhang Xianzhong, the silver ingots engraved by Zhang Xianzhong's Grand National State, and so on. Among them, it is found that there are more than 100 gold coins and silver coins in West Wang's rewards, which greatly enriched the physical materials. Particularly worth mentioning is that this excavation also found the Western King reward gold coin currency, the authenticity of gold coins provided the basis. The third category of cultural relics in the Ming Dynasty is a wealthy households, including a large number of gold and silver jewelry, such as the gems of gold hairpin, silver hairpin, bracelet, earrings, rings, bronze mirror, scales 砣, thimble and other strings of gold and silver rings
The fake cartier pink gold love bracelet fourth type of artifacts are the weapons and sails of the Great Western Army and the Ming Army. We found a large number of nails, arrowheads, spears and so on. The large number of excavations, the large number of classes, the high grade, the accurate times and the wide geographical areas confirm that Zhang Xianzhong Silver legend, confirmed the location of Shen silver Peng river estuary. Combined with documented and archaeological findings, it is speculated that the reason of Shen Yin is the battle of Jiangkou. The gold and silver contained in the ship after the defeat by Zhang Xianzhong sink into the Minjiang River instead of the active Shen Yin recorded in the literature. cartier love bracelet pink copy The excavation is the first underwater archeological excavation in Sichuan Province and an initial attempt to carry out cofferdam archeology in the inner water area of ​​the Chinese archeology community. A large number of new technologies have been tested and many innovative management ideas have been put forward for the archaeological excavation and shallow water burial Excavation of cultural relics in the region provided a working paradigm and experience-based archaeological team photo
Live dialogue
Talk about the scene, from left to right are: Professor Tian School of Philosophy, Fudan University, Professor Gao Menghe Fudan University Department of Culture, Institute of Archeology, Sichuan Province Gao Dalun Dean, Institute of Sichuan Province Institute of Archeology underwater archeology Liu Zhiyan Associate researcher )
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