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Today In the present A lot of people will select replica cartier leve braceletdiamonds in Luxury industry
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TOPIC: Today In the present A lot of people will select replica cartier leve braceletdiamonds in Luxury industry

Today In the present A lot of people will select replica cartier leve braceletdiamonds in Luxury industry 3 days, 10 hours ago #390372

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Four strokes are effective rub silver cloth is best to use the group map
With the temperature rise, usher in a variety of jewelry sales cartier love bracelet gold replica season, silver jewelry is also among the natural one, especially for some elderly and children have a soft spot for silver jewelry. However, the wearer's headache is that silver jewelry is particularly easy to black, yellow, especially for a period of time did not wear silver jewelry often lose the original light. Reporters query information and consult professionals learned that, at present, there are four ways to clean silver jewelry is widely disseminated, namely rubbing silver cloth, baking soda, toothpaste and silver wash water. However, some people said that this method of toothpaste is not effective. These methods can really make the black silver jewelry restore the original light it? May 16, Morning News Laboratory to verify this [ready for experiment] prepared ready contrast test Before the experiment, the reporter found that information, rub silver cloth, baking soda and other four silver cleaning methods are more concerned about the professional Personals said that with a professional silver cleaning water and silver cleaning silver jewelry more reliable. After screening, the reporter identified using the above four methods to clean silver jewelry, and compare the cleaning effect, to see which method is most effective Subsequently, the reporter in the cartier gold bracelet copy market to buy good materials needed for the experiment. It is worth to say that the professional name of silver wash water detergent, the role and use of a column that can be used to remove dirt and oxides on the surface of gold and silver products. The experimental silver jewelry used in sterling silver bracelets, because the long-term did not wear, the surface has been significantly black [experimental process] four methods have effect The first play is rub silver cloth. The reporter rubbed the silver bracelet with black silver cloth and wiped it in less than one minute. The silver bracelet became black at the black spot. However, the rubbing silver cloth that touches the silver bracelet is darker and the second one is toothpaste. First with a cotton swab dipped in a little toothpaste, toothpaste and then smear the silver bracelet black, repeated wipe, saw the black silver bracelet also restored the original light, then rinse with water. The same with the rub silver cloth, the white cotton head also darken the next to experiment with baking soda. The same way as with toothpaste, however, wet the swab first, then dip a small amount of baking soda and wipe the silver bracelet over and over again. Results and the first two methods, after baking soda, replica how much is a cartier bracelet black silver bracelet also restored the original light. Remember to rinse with water and then wipe dry the final appearance is to wash the silver water. A wash silver water bottle cap, a pungent smell nostrils. Use a cotton swab to dip in a small amount of silver water, spread it on the black part of the silver bracelet, and then the black silver bracelet quickly brightened after it was washed with silver water. Then, rinse with water and then dry on the line results show that the above four methods can make black silver jewelry restore the original light, but are not too laborious. Among them, the rubbing silver cloth relative to the other three methods omitted the part of the water washing process is relatively simple [experimental conclusion] rubbing silver cloth cleaning the most desirable interview, the professionals said that the reason why silver jewelry easily black, yellow, Mainly silver jewelry easily oxidized in the air. After the above four methods to deal with, black, yellow silver jewelry can indeed restore the original light. However, it is not advisable to clean the silver jewelry with chemicals such as silver wash water. Because washing silver water is a corrosive liquid, the most important thing is to quickly remove the oxidized part, but for a long time, it may be polished to the surface of the silver jewelry also corroded, so the jewelry also Can not be changed back to the original appearance. In particular, personal use of silver wash water to clean silver jewelry, the method may not be correct, the long-term use of silver for many times still have a lot of damage, does not look shiny According to the above professionals said, combined with the experimental results cartier love bangle diamond , The reporter reached the following conclusions: The above four methods do effectively clean black, yellow silver jewelry, but in the long run, do not advocate the common use of silver wash water and other chemical agents, compared to rub silver cloth more used. But to note that rub silver cloth can not be wet, it is best not to clean.
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