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nowadays Fashion people would select faux cartier love pendantdiamonds in Fashion aspects
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TOPIC: nowadays Fashion people would select faux cartier love pendantdiamonds in Fashion aspects

nowadays Fashion people would select faux cartier love pendantdiamonds in Fashion aspects 2 weeks, 2 days ago #390200

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Ethnic Cuzailing, a Yugur woman trying to do the National Museum of Ethnology
(Reporter Wang Xuefeng): Listening friends, the Yugur people living in northwestern China are one of 55 ethnic minorities in China with a population of only 1.3 Million In recent years, their living conditions have greatly improved with economic development. However, their modernized life style has also greatly affected their traditional culture and even was on the verge of disappearing. A 55-year-old Yugur woman, her greatest wish is to run a 'live' museum that showscase Yugur's ancient traditional culture and lifestyles to inherit the history of this minority. She is the national intangible cultural heritage Ke Cuiling. In this program, we will tell you the story cartier 18k gold bracelet fake of Ke Cailing. Into a national dress shop, known as the head of the Yugur traditional women's headdresses and bracelets, felt hats, leather boots and other exquisite colorful ethnic costumes and pendants filled the counter. Ke Cui Ling owner is busy greeting customers. She is of medium build, with rosy cheeks and fast talking.
Ke Cailing stroked a head and talk to us: 'Yugur costumes are particularly distinctive, especially the red cap and the head Yugur is a nomadic people, especially precious things will be worn on the body, like head with red coral , Turquoise, silver, agate, color beads ... In the past, the girl was born, the mother began to prepare these, hand sewing, wear until the daughter married, and some mothers head to his daughter .Even now Everything is ready, a head-to-head sewn a few months to do a good job. '
Ke Cuiling deeply affected by the mother. Mother is a traditional Yugur woman, deer in the past life deer, helping others to make head. After graduating from junior high school, Ke Cailing also returned to his home pasture, deer and mother. What she likes to do most is to observe and draw deer in various gestures, and to study wool knitting and embroidery with her mother. Collection of Yugur old objects, like head, saddle and other items, is from this time onwards. Ke Cailing said: 'My mother has always been to the heads of rich people, clothing (see some old objects) Mother will say that this is our original nation, may not see the future, I will stay, stay to stay Now it has become something to give up. '
Ke Cailing always feel that Yugur culture is very esoteric, their own cultural level is not high enough, there are many places do not understand, so I wanted to take the university. Her stubborn character is a test for eight years, finally admitted to the Northwest Institute for Nationalities art. After graduating in 1984, she started working in the Sunan Culture Center. From then on, she learned more consciously about the traditional craftsmanship that was on the verge of losing, and was obsessed with excavating, arranging, and collecting Yugu artifacts scattered in the folk and has collected thousands of pieces so far.
In 1999, the organizing committee of China Millennium Monument in Beijing solicited national totems from 56 ethnic groups across the country. Ke Cailing suddenly thought of those cute deer hometown ranch, think of the Yugur myth that kind of courageous 'Pearl deer.' She did it all at once, creating a deer image with a pair of wings. On the screen, 'deer' head pearl, snow lotus mouth, vacated leaps and bounds, elegant and free. In 2000, 'Pearl deer replica sell cartier bracelet deer' was permanently carved in the China Millennium Monument.
In Ke Cui Ling's heart there is also a buried many years of dreams, this is to build a belongs to their own national traditional culture 'live' museum. The so-called 'live', Ke Cailing has its own understanding: 'I do not want to take my things to the museum, it is a dead thing I want it (into)' live 'museum, I hope everyone In this experience, for example, we can learn about our ancestors of copper teapots, tea making people drink; For example, this almost lost hand-weaving methods, we can make series. My apprentice can also be practitioners in this survival.
Over the years, Ke Cailing has been working hard to realize her dreams. Need a lot of money, Ke Cailing retired in 2006 after a national craft company to do design and development director, in cartier gold bracelet copy 2012 and opened its own Yugur original ecological and cultural heritage company and national costume shop. She hopes to use her own operating income and then seek some social support to run 'live' museums.
The whole family supports Ke Cailing's dream. Now doing wedding photography and wedding ceremony service son, doing the daughter of sewing flowers, daughter of leather carving, embroidery niece, in the future are going to declare the same as her Yugur culture heritage.
Beside the counter of the national costume store, Ko Cui Ling's daughter-in-law, Symphony, sew a belt. She graduated from Guilin Polytechnic University Tourism, married and soon also started a national costume.
'It was also considered for a long time. My family members said at the time that they must attend the civil service after graduation. My dad said I want to know that you are doing this needlework and what you can do in college cartier love bracelet gold fake (laughs.) Later on, If you think about it, you can keep these Yugur people well. '
Affected by Ke Cailing slowly, some community residents, laid-off workers, as well as pastoralists returning herdsmen also joined the Yugur culture heritage ranks. There are 40 people worship Ke Cui Ling as a teacher, learning traditional manual skills. Ke Cailing said that doing this can not make a lot of money, to love, to be persistent, interested and savvy, to be good.
In the interview we found that embroidered flowers Yugur costumes, and Han, Tibetan costumes are different, only flowers, there is no rhizome. Why is this? Ke Cailing said: 'The old people said that we Yugur people have gone all the way to lose the root, and finally there is no root.'
In order to find roots, Ke Cailing re-take the Yugur people in 2012 eastward migration. She started from Zhangye in Gansu, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Xinjiang to Hami, Turpan, Gaochang Gucheng. In the process of seeking roots, Yugur people lived in ruins, listen to the legendary stories of the elderly, to see the clothing left hundreds of years ago, the above embroidery, style and color are similar with the current Yugur costumes are very similar , Which makes Cu Cuiling excited. Even more fortunate is that she collected a ancient needlework bag unearthed from the ancient Loulan, embroidered with very delicate Loulan pattern. She said: 'I think the earliest Yugur should come from here (Loulan).
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