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nowadays Fashion people would choose copy cartier leve braceletgold in the Luxury Brand industry
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TOPIC: nowadays Fashion people would choose copy cartier leve braceletgold in the Luxury Brand industry

nowadays Fashion people would choose copy cartier leve braceletgold in the Luxury Brand industry 4 days, 3 hours ago #390321

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Shanghai Free Trade Zone Research Group Leader Lu Qixing to share Lan Shanghai experience
1, to promote the reform of investment management system. Including the negative list management system, the commercial registration system, enterprise access 'one acceptance' system, the reform of overseas investment management system 2013 negative list in accordance with the classification of the national economy, the compilation of measures 190. The 2014 version of the negative list has been reduced by 51 to 139, a reduction of 26.8%. The amendments to the negative list in 2014 are: First, the degree of openness is further enhanced; Second, the transparency is further increased; Third, further convergence with the international rules is adopted. The administrative measures on the restriction or prohibition of 14 domestic and foreign funds in the 2013 edition will no longer be included in the negative list. The structural and explanatory statements on the negative list have also been adjusted. In the enterprise copy how much is a cartier love bracelet access 'one accept' system, the establishment of a free trade zone management committee, industry and commerce, taxation, quality supervision of the four departments 'one form of registration, one accepted, parallel service' service model, foreign-funded new equipment case 4 Days to obtain the relevant licenses. 'One accept' is also reflected in Fujian. In this regard, Shenzhen and Shenzhen are already leading the way in 'one of three certificates', namely, a license of business license, taxation and enterprise code 2, and innovation of trade supervision system. Focusing on the objective of promoting the transformation and upgrading of the special supervised regions under the Customs, the customs and inspection and quarantine regulatory regimes are innovated to promote the free flow of various elements of goods and services in the region and to enhance the level of trade facilitation. Innovate the regulatory regime of 'letting go of the first line, safe and efficient management of the second line, and freedom within the zone', exploring the establishment of a regulatory regime for the classification of the status of goods, and initiating the implementation of a 'single window' management system for international trade. In the regulation of the status of the goods are also explored. On the bonded goods, non-bonded goods, port cargo classification supervision, the same warehouse storage. Adopting the supervision mode of 'network supervision + location management + real-time nuclear injection', the 'in, out, transfer and deposit' of goods are controlled in real time and checked dynamically. These concepts can also be used for reference in the non-supervised customs area. There is also the establishment of a 'single window' international trade management system, which is to be done in various parts of the country in the future. 3. The innovation of the financial regulatory system. Mainly to financial services for the real economy and promote trade and investment facilitation goals, under the premise of risk control, innovative financial regulatory system. Financial internationalization, first of all let the RMB become an international currency, the internationalization of the RMB 4, things after the regulatory system innovation. This is the most important thing, how to manage it? A high level of safety review mechanism is the first one. This is learned from the United States. The U.S. security censorship system is ambiguous. However, the security review in the United States is very strict. The three fields of military industry, the Internet and communications infrastructure are China's capital and products. So we have to learn, the length of the negative list is not a problem 2013 pilot area to choose 6 areas 18 industries to expand open, suspend or cancel the investor qualification requirements, share ratio restrictions, business scope restrictions and other access restrictions a total of 23 items. In 2014, out of the 'New 31' measures, 14 were in the service sector, 14 in the manufacturing sector, 2 in the mining sector and 1 in the construction sector. This piece of free trade area in Fujian can do, do not introduce more I think Pingtan more advantages, the so-called functional expansion, is the current release of independent innovation capabilities. Shanghai has expanded its business in areas such as trade, finance and shipping, establishing an overseas cultural and trading base, financing leases and a cross-border e-commerce service platform. Since October 1, 2013, the 'Administrative Measures' in the pilot area have been officially implemented. August 1, 2014 Test Area 'Regulations' promulgated and implemented. In December 2014, the State Council was authorized to temporarily adjust the three administrations of foreign investment and the relevant administrations stipulated in the 'Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Taiwan Compatriots in the Three Free Trade Pilot Areas and the Extension of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone' The examination and approval mainly consists of the post-regulatory supervision system based on the transformation of government functions; the investment management system with negative inventory management as the core; the trade supervision system focusing on trade facilitation; the objective of capital account convertibility and the opening up of the financial service industry Financial innovation system. At present, 54 reform projects that can be replicated and popularized have been formed, of which 21 have been promoted in the whole country or part of China, 33 have the basis of replication and promotion, and a number of reform and innovation issues are being accelerated in practice. The first category is evaluated by relevant state departments , Has been one after another in the country or part of the country to copy and how much cartier love bracelet replica promote 21 reform issues. Including investment management 6, 'advanced area after the declaration' and other trade regulatory aspects 9, 6 aspects of financial innovation. The second category has gained relatively mature experience in practice and has 33 reform items how much cartier love bracelet fake that can be copied and popularized. These include the reform that directly replicates and popularizes 7 investment management across the country; it can replicate and popularize 18 systems in specific regions of the country; it can provide pilot experience for nationwide reform with 4 institutional innovations; and it can provide reference for deepening reforms in other provinces and cities There are 4 institutional innovations. The third category needs to be further deepened and consummated reform issues. It mainly involves new pilot projects in areas such as investment and trade facilitation, fair competition, protection of rights and interests, and open and transparent administration, as well as the opening up of the first service industries to liberalization. Due to the short implementation time of these reform and innovation issues, the pilot results need to be observed and evaluated. After some period of practice and improvement, the experimental experience of replication and promotion can be gradually formed. The fourth category is the reform of the financial sector. The free trade account system, the facilitation of foreign exchange for investment and financing, the cross-border use of RMB, the liberalization of interest rates and the reform of foreign exchange administration are all based on the overall plan of the State Council and the development of the national economy. Prudent and risk-controllable premise, the orderly promotion of a total of 4 pages First Previous [1] [2] 3 [4] Next Last
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