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Today In the present Fashion people will choose copy cartier leve braceletyellow gold in this Trendy industry
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TOPIC: Today In the present Fashion people will choose copy cartier leve braceletyellow gold in this Trendy industry

Today In the present Fashion people will choose copy cartier leve braceletyellow gold in this Trendy industry 3 days, 13 hours ago #390363

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Plastic gem actually sold over million
More and more people like to wear bracelets, especially in the upcoming spring and summer, more and more people buy bracelets. Recently, the reporter visited the Guangzhou jewelry wholesale market found that the South Onyx and amber bees became the shop's 'sweet and smelly', ten shops, about 23 sold south red, 34 with amber or beeswax sales . However, some seemingly very expensive amber necklaces may be made of plastic. Some experts said that 'in the tests conducted by relevant departments, some of the jewelery items labeled' lapis lazuli ',' garnet ',' crystal 'and' beeswax 'may all be imitated by plastic or glass.
Insiders said that 'plastic and glass almost imitate all the gems, for the lack of relevant knowledge of consumers is very confusing.' And amber false phenomenon more than South red, jade; so-called 'Middle East beeswax, African beeswax' and more Is deceptive; recreational products and resin false beeswax is more common At the same time, the reporter in Guangzhou Kang Wang Road, Panyu jewelry wholesale market to see, coy and coral, pearls and other organic jewelry on the same sales, according to business Luo said: 'The best selling now is the $ 500 2,000 yuan / piece 砗 磲 necklace and bracelet, the price rose at least 4 times three years ago, in 2015 rose more than 100%.'
However, according to statistics from the Guangdong Geological Bureau Jewelry Testing Center and the Guangdong Gold \u0026 Silver Jewelry Testing Center, there are many false frauds. It is understood that when the 砗 磲 is processed into jewelry, the common method is difficult to confirm February 5, Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce reported in its official website in the fourth quarter of 2015 in the circulation of goods quality checks found that: precious metals, jade jewelry category 5 samples failed, the main problem is the name is not accurate and fake. In the recent sampling of Shenzhen Luohu Jewelry Wholesale Square, law enforcement officers initially identified: the parties attached to the gold foil gifts '' certificate of inspection ',' certificate of inspection 'forged, the testing agency does not exist. In addition, the test certificate marked 'thousands of gold and gold notes', 'gold content: 999.' and other words, it is to deceive consumers, initially identified products for the PU plastic jewelry market frequently checked, a lot of problems. Earlier, the sampling results announced by the business administrations in Sichuan and Harbin also found that there were quality problems in many batches of jewelery. The nominal trademarks involved were Kim Tae-fu, Mengxiang, Kim Tae-fu, gold ornaments for the life, and stone inscriptions. Law enforcement officials said: 'Gem jade goods naming non-standard easily mislead consumers, low-end jewelry, jade as high-end goods to buy.'
Interview with Guangzhou jewelry market found that all kinds of jewels varied, different market sales price difference is also very large. To 'Hetian jade' handle pieces, for example, the same size shopping malls in the price of 2 million 10 million, some street shops in the price of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, the wholesale market prices are cartier copy ring more low. However, many jade products claim to have a certificate of accreditation, making it difficult for outsiders to discriminate authenticity. Some 'bone', 'Precious stone bracelets' and other gem products no relevant standards, consumers buy is 'Mengcha' It is understood that after the first floor of Guangzhou Diamond Road, Guangzhou Agriculture and Forestry Building, Guangzhou gold and silver jewelry Jewelry trade show held at the show, the Guangdong Provincial Center for the detection of gold and silver jewelry for the public to provide free testing jewelry services, found that two-thirds of the inspected jewelry is fake. '
Many consumers think that the source of gemstones to buy jewelry products more really cheaper, but the results are often less than satisfactory. According to experts, 'When traveling abroad, many consumers do not understand the specific terminology written in foreign languages. The local salesperson is verbally speaking of nature, while the manual uses foreign language terminology to indicate that it is difficult to find Authoritative department testing, it is easy to buy fake jewelry jade.We often receive samples submitted by customers, the results are many synthetic ruby, bleached and dyed emerald processing, the level of much lower diamonds, glass imitation And so on, and the price is not cheap at all. '
In addition, experts from the Provincial Gems \u0026 Precious Metal Testing Center cartier copy love ring (GTC) also remind consumers that fake goods are also readily available at jewelery shows and online platforms. 'There are a lot of temporary jewelery fairs now and advertisers selling prominently , Cheap sale of jewelry, and some even with a special fake certificate.This fairs are generally 25 days, the merchant sold the goods, the buyer even through the organizers, it is difficult to contact the merchants, many people deceived After the cartier friendship imitation ring purchase of copy cartier ring rose gold jewelry online platform, a lot of physical inconsistencies with the photos and descriptions, there are some using the national standard name is not named, such as 'Burma jade', 'Emerald', etc., confuse 4. Check the certificate itself Printing is good, the content is complete, and the physical one-to-one correspondence, with or without vague areas 5. Most of the certificates have anti-counterfeiting capabilities, you can search the real testing agency's official website for the corresponding anti-counterfeiting measures to verify Certificate is true.
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